HOW IT ALL BEGINS: When your project is received and entered into our system, we check mixes for any problematic issues. Should we have any concerns regarding your mix, we will notify you immediately. If all is in the clear, we will begin your project within our agreed scheduled timeline. Please inform us of any concerns with your mixes, otherwise we will always assume that you are satisfied with your mixes and are ready for the process.  Once the mastering session is completed, Blue Jade Audio Mastering will provide you with 2 copies of your project (1 Master & 1 Reference Copy for review). We can also provide a DVD containing a DDP Disk Image file for replicators who offer that means of delivering a master. Although we utilize the highest quality industry standards and attempt to follow your guidelines as closely as possible, it is imperative that you review your entire reference copy upon receipt. If you are happy with your reference copy, the sealed master disc and/or the optional DDP data disk is provided for your immediate use for replication, duplication, radio play, etc. 

REVISIONS: If you are not completely satisfied and need minor tweaks made on your master, we are happy to provide one free revision session per project. Upon completing revisions, a new reference copy and new master disc will be provided at no additional cost. Should you require any revisions, please contact us immediately for further assistance. 

Please keep in mind that mix errors CANNOT be fixed in the mastering process. If the problem lies in the mix and is beyond our technical ability to repair, we recommend that corrections be made via your mix engineer. Any new re-mixes that are returned to us for re-mastering, will be charged at half our normal song rate. 

ARCHIVES: Although we maintain a general session archive of all projects throughout each calendar year, Blue Jade Audio Mastering cannot guarantee the long-term integrity or availability of client's archived sessions. We return all original mixes and do not keep physical copies of a client's project. All clients, are encouraged to maintain an archive of their master disc and original mixes. DO NOT SEND US YOUR ONLY COPY OF YOUR MIXES! 

Project archives are available for an additional $30. We only Archive material we have worked on. While we should be able to retrieve the audio files at any given time, the processing we have used may not be able to be reproduced exactly due to equipment changes.


Blue Jade Audio Mastering can work with virtually any media. But to maintain the highest audio quality, we encourage you to use a high resolution mixing format such as 24-bit digital. For special project needs, please contact us directly. 

BEST FORMAT:  24bit, 32bit, or 64bit resolution Any sample rate (44.1kHz, 48khz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, etc.) Aiff, Wav, SDII, etc.  Interleaved or Dual (multi) Mono Can be delivered via CD-R, DVD-R, or FTP internet transfer

OTHER FORMATS accepted High quality MP3 Standard Audio CD  DAT (Digital Audio Tape)  Analog Tape: 1/4", 1/2" please contact for details


Avoid clipping the peaks in your mixes. Mix peaks should safely average around -6db (below digital "0"). This will insure that you are safe from unwanted clipping while helping to maximize digital resolution. Do not try to make your mixes loud or add overall EQ or compression. If you use loudness tools in the mix process such as peak limiters, "maximizers" or other "mastering" plug-ins or devices, please be sure to disable them before printing your mixes. Allow the mastering process to handle all of that. 

POINT OF REFERENCE: Although not necessary, if there are recordings that you consider the aesthetic peer of your project, please share them with us. This will help the overall efficiency of meeting your project needs and expectations.